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MarketingTracker: Actionable Marketing Insights with no hassle

ScanmarQED - published on September 29, 2021

Over the years, we've been working hard to bring you the best versions of all our products, and our data integration platform, MarketingTracker, is no exception.

MarketingTracker is specifically developed to make decision-making better, faster, and easier. It enables you to easily understand what’s happening in your markets and brands, providing you with many robust data analysis options and allowing you to visualize your data in any way you want.

Here's a glimpse at the features that MarketingTracker has to offer:


  • Share links to reports/dashboards with other users
  • Build a deck with a storyline
  • Interactively add comments on dashboards with the new note-box function
  • Snapshots support moving time/period


  • Add Tags to dashboards and display them in a Tag Pager drop-down. Then, filter the dashboard explorer for faster results
  • Synchronize toggle buttons and seamlessly switch between languages across dashboards


  • Share the results from your Marketing Mix Models and visualize them in dashboards
  • Navigate and select scripts thanks to the enhanced functionality on active selections

Interested? We have a Demo version available for you to experience all the features MarketingTracker has to offer.MT function graphic (800 x 1800 px)-1

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