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Aggregated response curves are here!

Tina Keightley - published on May 30, 2024

strataQED just got better with our latest release 2024.2 

Want to view your response curves on an annual or quarterly basis? Or perhaps even based on your latest campaign? Our new release 2024.2 of strataQED includes the ability to do just that.  

If you want to check it out, simply navigate to the Response Curves tab in your software and select the new Curve Method drop-down and choose Aggregated. You'll need to update your software to get access to this latest new feature.

curve method

You can adjust your display timeframe to represent the period of interest and your curve will automatically be updated. We use the actual laydown used during the selected timeframe and up-/down-weight it to create the curve.  

 spend interval-1

The Spend Interval option, on the right, enables you to specify the size of the interval that you want when you export the data behind the chart to Excel, allowing you to maintain consistency when reporting. 

this one (1)

Of course, our standard response curves based on a single period of activity are still available; just select the Standard option in the Curve Method drop-down to use this method. 

If you want to discuss this new feature or any other area of your modeling needs, contact us today. 

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