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White Paper: An Introduction to Revenue Growth Management in the Food & Beverage Industry

ScanmarQED - published on May 7, 2019

ScanmarQED released a white paper titled “The Current State of Revenue Management in the Food & Beverage Industry.” The paper takes an in-depth look at the challenges currently impacting the CPG industry, and points to innovative opportunities for growth that are paving a new way for brands to approach revenue management across the industry.

New ways to think about revenue management

CPG brands continue to face the same challenges that have been plaguing the industry for decades—trade spend, forward buying costs and the complication of data publishing— but technology is getting us closer to more accurate calculations of these costs. For now, optimizing a brand’s marketing mix remains foundational to revenue growth. But the introduction of big data, artificial intelligence and automated solutions are changing the rules of the game and introducing new ways of thinking about revenue management that are outside the traditional scope.

What has been clearly identified is that it is no longer enough to look at data in an isolated way to inform critical business decisions. For a CPG brand to see growth and stay relevant to retailers, it’s important that companies take a holistic approach to revenue management. It’s about driving value for the entire category by unearthing and compiling broad-view insights, rather than the traditional myopic approach that only aims to elevate one’s own brand.

The current trends in revenue management reveal that a paradigm shift in CPG marketing is underway. New technological advances now allow brands to exponentially increase the speed and improve the accuracy of collecting, processing and sharing data, and has the power to propel CPG companies into data-driven, profit-yielding businesses. The learnings gained as a byproduct of these intelligent platforms enrich companies by improving the collective knowledge. It’s both an exciting opportunity and a challenging undertaking. What CPG brands need to know right now is how to take action in order to stay ahead of this shifting landscape.

The paper covers:

  • Disruptors in the CPG field and how they’re winning market share

  • The hidden cost and complexities of category management

  • Trade promotions and its impact on the bottom line

  • Advancements in revenue management and how they can solve long-standing challenges

Download the white paper and learn

To read the full report, download the white paper here: The Current State of Revenue Management in the Food & Beverage Industry

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