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Hackathon by the Dutch development team of ScanmarQED

ScanmarQED - published on October 3, 2018

The Dutch development team conducted a hackathon in a creative environment. We started this Monday in Vechtclub XL, a former medical supplies warehouse in Utrecht that has been converted to a creative hotspot.

Surrounded by a lot of small companies ranging from food trucks, micro-breweries, photographers, graphic designers to IT start-ups and game development outfits, we are hacking away at a prototype application that is designed to give us experience with most of the new languages and techniques we intend to use in our next generation of software.

Prototyping the way forward


We focus our attention on building this single prototype, that has some primitive resemblance to a dashboard editor. We’re using exciting techniques like DotNet Core, Entity Framework, Angular, REST API’s, microservices, automated build systems with code analysis and unit & integration testing, internationalization and translation, SignalR /websockets for real time collaboration and responsive, mobile-first design to ensure the application will work well on any screen size and graceful error handling and logging.

This hackathon it has been very inspiring and rewarding to work this single-mindedly and closely on the same new project. It has helped us with team building, exploring new territories and new ways of working.


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