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Introducing strataQED 2020.1

ScanmarQED - published on April 3, 2020

Are you searching for the most innovative marketing mix modeling solutions that can integrate your data with your modeling and optimization processes?

We’re delighted to introduce you to a major new release of strataQED and optimiseQED. Our software has been significantly upgraded with new features that:

  • Allow for modeling, forecasting and optimization within the same package - one integrated solution
  • A step-change in the speed of optimization
  • New Budget Sizing reports showing how much investment you should make
  • Two-click data refresh to speed up model updates
  • Direct data connection with MarketingTracker - our collaborative insights visualization tool

Taken together, these features will ensure that your stakeholders will have the best marketing mix modeling results using the freshest data and latest results to improve decision making.

Let’s take a look at each feature in turn!

Forecasting and Optimization Modules

We’ve integrated our optimization and forecasting software modules to run seamlessly within the strataQED platform. Now you can move effortlessly from creating marketing mix models to planning budget allocations for multiple customer segments, stores, geographies and/or brands. The advanced new optimization engine allows you to allocate resources over time and between cross sections, all within the same tool!

forecasting and optimization

Faster Optimization 

Our new and improved optimization engine can handle far bigger and more complex challenges than ever before. What would previously have taken hours to solve can be achieved in minutes and problems which were previously unsolvable can now be tackled.

In order to achieve this, we had to create a brand-new optimization engine to handle these advanced problems. Until now, marketers have been unable to solve cases such as “ how and when would you allocate €1m of investment in in-store promotion and online advertising over the coming quarter?”. The traditional approach to this problem fails to take account of complicated factors like the changing costs you may face between periods and the different marketing opportunities open to you for each store.

New Budget Sizing Reports

Budget sizing is a crucial exercise to establish the overall budget for your sales and marketing activities. We’ve improved and enhanced this function and reports from each budget sizing run are now maintained and can be saved as a separate object, making them easier to share with colleagues and clients.

budget sizing

Two clicks data refresh

Modern marketing mix modeling relies on the ability to draw on fresh data for new insights. Updating an existing marketing mix model is traditionally a painful process. We’ve streamlined things and made this a faster and more repeatable process by enabling you to refresh all your modeling data with just a couple of mouse-clicks.

With the new release of strataQED, you simply refresh all your data sources at once - making it much quicker to have your data ready for analysis.

2 fresh data

Data connection with MarketingTracker

strataQED and MarketingTracker are now connected seamlessly to enable easy, efficient, and secure data transfer between the two solutions.

You can simply import MarketingTracker data tables into strataQED’s data repository for advanced data modeling and visualization, then create your marketing mix models and upload them directly into your collection of reports and dashboard in MarketingTracker. This new feature speeds up the import process, reduces the potential for errors, and enables you to view marketing mix model results instantly in a browser.

Furthermore, MarketingTracker allows for a range of additional visualizations and presentations to be created and updated instantly providing rapid feedback to your stakeholders on business performance.

strataQED and MarketingTracker

Want to know more?

At ScanmarQED, we’re constantly striving to help you in getting actionable insights that allow you to take smarter sales and marketing decisions. If you have any questions related to any of these new features, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how they can help you and your organization.

To learn more about strataQED 2020.1, visit our Knowledge Base:

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