MarketingTracker 5.16 Update
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MarketingTracker 5.16 Update is Live!

ScanmarQED - published on January 16, 2020

We’re back with another new and exciting release – MarketingTracker 5.16! This time, we have focused on improving visualization, flexibility, and speeding up the creation of monthly reports. But that’s not all! You can now also enjoy a seamless connection with our marketing mix modeling software strataQED.


New Charts

We have extended the options of charts you can create by introducing two brand new chart types: Word Clouds and Solid Gauges. Giving you even more options to visualize your data!

New Charts_MarketingTracker 5.16

Import Multiple Images

Save time importing bulk images into MarketingTracker with the new and improved import wizard. Rather than importing one image at a time you can now import multiple images with the ‘Images From Files’ option. There are lots of options to make multiple image import quick and easy.

Import Wizard_MarketingTracker 5.16

Storyboard Enhancements

We pride ourselves in working together with you to update our software. So, when you told us about how you use storyboards we listened and adjusted the way they work to suit your needs. The current month will be automatically selected, and the new data will be reflected in the snapshot. However, if you still prefer to keep the snapshot static in time, you can, by clicking the new ‘Freeze/Unfreeze’ toggle button in the storyboard toolbar. Reporting with storyboards just got easier!

Freeze_Unfreeze Button_MarketingTracker 5.16

Color Theme Improvements

You can now choose a primary and secondary icon color for a theme and adjust their gradients. When you apply a color theme to a report, any SVG icons included in it will automatically adopt the colors of that theme. No more editing icons in other software every time you want to change their colors. A great time-saver, particularly if you create dashboards for multiple clients!

Color Theme_MarketingTracker 5.16

strataQED and MarketingTracker Integration

It was already possible to connect MarketingTracker databases to strataQED and create marketing mix models based on the imported data. Now in addition to that, any marketing mix models created in strataQED can be imported into MarketingTracker, adjusted with the analysis and format tools, incorporated into your collection of reports, and easily shared with others in your organization. More power in your hands to get the information you need from your data so that you can take your business to the next level!

Want to know more?

You can find full release notes, highlights video, and in-depth tutorials for this update in our Knowledge Base. 

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