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More collaboration with MarketingTracker 5.15

ScanmarQED - published on April 19, 2019

ScanmarQED launches a new version of MarketingTracker to improve user experience and collaboration.

MarketingTracker 5.15 introduces many new features and enhancements across the board. From improvements in reporting, dashboarding, and user experience to making number formatting and user management more efficient.

Enhanced storytelling and collaboration

Storytelling with data gives it more impact. ScanmarQED’s storyboard feature enables users to collect snapshots of various reports and dashboards in one place. The brand new storyline feature provides a space under each snapshot in the storyboard to enter the accompanying narrative. Users can then share the storyboard with colleagues or their agency to collaborate and refine that narrative. Then, when complete, present the storyboard directly from MarketingTracker or, export it to PowerPoint where the storyline text will be shown in the notes area.

Collaboration and sharing stories made simple.

New ways to add Notes

Users can now enjoy more flexibility on where notes appear. When notes are created and assigned to specific dimension selections (e.g. Geography + Product + Period) they only appear when those specific selections are made. Now, this can be changed on-the-fly using a checkbox to deselect which dimensions to disregard for the note.

Another exciting feature that empowers communication and collaboration is the capability for all users to add notes on dashboards. Dashboard designers simply add a Notebox item when creating a dashboard, and anyone accessing the dashboard can add notes for themselves or others to view later.

Excel loader improvements

MarketingTracker 5.15 substantially builds upon the Excel loader to make the process of importing Excel files and transforming them into data marts even more seamless.

Amongst the many improvements to the Excel loader, this version introduces the virtual columns function. Virtual columns enable users to add additional columns to a new or existing data mart that don’t exist in the original set of data.

For example, when creating a new data mart with three sets of sales data from three different regions in Excel format. The original data files do not contain a Geography column as this was not necessary for localized data. When importing the files into MarketingTracker the ‘Add Extra Column’ button can be clicked in the import wizard. This creates the required columns for the data marts without having to adjust the original files. This saves users the hassle and time spent adjusting the original files.

Complete list of all new features

For the full list you can contact the ScanmarQED Consultant team via


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