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Our Newest Update is Live! - MarketingTracker 5.18

Jasmine Brown - published on July 9, 2020

We are thrilled to introduce the brand new version of our collaborative analytics platform - MarketingTracker 5.18. With most work being conducted remotely these days, now more than ever it’s vital to have fast, efficient, and effective marketing software. That’s why here at ScanmarQED, we’ve been working hard to bring you features that make your work-life simpler. Let’s take a look at them!

Import your API Data

With our Web API support function, you can now import any web API data (in OData, JSONStat, and custom JSON formats) to MarketingTracker and incorporate it into your dashboards. Pull data from multiple sites, incorporate it into your dashboard, and access it all in one central location. For example, if your business is dependent on weather, now you can connect with weather stats. You can also connect with WHO data to better react to the current Coronavirus situation.

API Data


Even Better Collaboration

Having fast and clear communication is important when trying to get the job done. That’s why with the automatic refresh function, we reduced the delay in notes to make them live. Experience real-time communication on the Notes dashboards and in the Notes panel no matter where you are.

Visualization of Data: Logarithmic scaling

We’ve added logarithmic scaling to improve visualization of exponential data that show percentage of multiplication factors from one point to another. It can help to see how skewed your data is when a few data points spike compared to the rest of the data.

Looking to display lots of data within one chart? You can now adjust the default maximum number of points for a chart. Interested in seeing daily data over the last two years? Now you can.

Normal Scaling of DataLogarithmic Scaling of Data







Manage your User Analytics

If you manage a large number of users in MarketingTracker you’ll be happy to know that we have upgraded the user/user group export and import function.

You now have an overview of how users and user groups are connected directly and indirectly in one CSV file. Newly available export fields will be recognized at the time of import and can be exported and managed through Excel.  

Ever wonder how MarketingTracker collaborative functions are used in your organization or by your clients? Now, with our usage logging function, marketing activities are logged in the software allowing you to easily track and analyze your analytical information.

Want to know more?

If you are currently a user of MarketingTracker you can find full release notes and tutorial videos on the Knowledge Base (click here).

If you are not using our collaborative analytics platform yet, you can find out more about how it can help your business by clicking here.

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