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Take control of your trade spend

ScanmarQED - published on November 1, 2018

Get better insights for marketing, finance and planning with the new version of PlanCaster from ScanmarQED.

Planning, sales and marketing are now able to utilize the same data in the same tool, and get insights that are tailored for them.

Managing trade promotions and measuring the results has been made even easier in the new version of PlanCaster. The user experience has improved and the more intuitive user interface it is even easier to use.

Sales & Operations Planning software enables Demand Planners and Account Managers to get insights on their efforts to optimize the planning. The same data in the software is also used by Marketers and financial Managers to get better insights on business performance. Financial Managers can forecast future financial performance. Marketers and Account Managers can manage the trade promotion process. Planners can ensure reliable delivery levels.

User experience

New to the software is an improved user experience. Customers can choose a cloud solution or an on-premise solution. Organizations always have full control over their own data. Finance Managers , Marketers and Planners have dashboards with information that is tailored to them.

Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and forecasting techniques by planners is made simple with PlanCaster. The calculations in the background are easily managed from the specifically designed user screens. This allows them to focus on only a reliable forecast.

Intuitive User Interface (UI)

The intuitive UI with its modular design improves the way of working. PlanCaster is now a full web-based solution. Point and click control has been extended with keyboard control. This means less mouse clicks and changing screens and data faster. The action center indicates what the attention should be focused on. This helps you prioritize the most important tasks.

The new PlanCaster software enables great companies to have more control over budget performance and ensures they can reliably deliver according to demand.

About PlanCaster

PlanCaster is targeted at the CPG industry and enables organizations to manage their promotions, marketing campaigns, sales planning and financial forecasts.

Planners apply AI and forecasting techniques to the time series on product level, or apply spreading techniques, to get the most reliable sales forecast in place.

Account and Sales Managers can manage the whole trade promotions planning process with the Trade Promotion Manager module.

Marketers use the Marketing Promotion Manager module to manage the trade marketing planning process. These sales and marketing plans are all included in the results of the sales demand planning.

From this this module the Chief Financial Officer’s office will be able to instantly see the future financial performance against budgets and take corrective actions in the sales and marketing planning process.

About ScanmarQED

ScanmarQED helps organizations get the greatest benefit from their marketing data. ScanmarQED unifies integrated and harmonized marketing data for their clients with the most advanced marketing analytical and optimization tools.

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