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White Paper: The Benefits of Automation for CPG Companies

ScanmarQED - published on May 17, 2019

ScanmarQED recently conducted an investigation on the current state of revenue management in the CPG industry. Our findings are reported in a new white paper titled, Revenue Management for CPG Brands. The report takes a deep dive into the challenges of traditional revenue management techniques, and presents cutting-edge solutions for revenue management that companies should consider today to optimize their business, boost sales revenue and increase profit.

Sophisticated analytical solutions for marketing teams

The CPG industry is in an intense state of competition. And CMI managers are in a never-ending race to stay ahead of market trends and deliver sharp insights based on in-depth analyses of vast amounts of consumer data. But trends are changing at such a rapid pace that marketing teams require sophisticated analytical solutions to ensure that they are constantly capturing the latest and most relevant data. The white paper explains why commonly used business intelligence tools, such as Excel, are no longer sufficient, and identifies AI-supported data integration tools as the smart solution to revenue management and growth optimization.

CPG companies relying on Excel lack the crucial insight they need to realize the full value of their brand - what their consumer is willing to pay, how they stack up against their competitors - and without a clear understanding of their market positioning, will end up underpricing or overpricing many of their products.

Automation is key in boosting sales

The white paper outlines the major problems marketers experience with big data and the inefficiencies of old data-processing methods. In a climate where CPG brands are constantly competing for shelf space, these tools are not suitable for delivering quick actionable insights, and companies are stuck with lower market share and disappointing sales revenues.

Automation has proven to be key in boosting sales and maximizing return on trade spend for leading CPG companies. With automated processes for data analysis, marketers gain more accurate insights that allow them to quickly spot promotional opportunities and execute strategic plans for price optimization. Successful brands are also taking the clever approach of partnering with retailers to apply these deep insights to enhance category optimization.

Innovative solution for revenue management

The white paper is an in-depth discussion that addresses the common pitfalls of conventional business tools, and offers clear and innovative solutions for revenue management and business growth within the food and beverage industry.

  • The evolution of revenue growth management
  • The perils of Excel
  • AI-driven methodologies for extracting value from consumer data
  • The paradigm shift in CPG marketing

Download the white paper and learn

To read the full report, download the white paper here: Revenue Management for CGP Brands

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