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Webinar: Importance of Response Curves

ScanmarQED - published on May 3, 2024

Response curves are arguably the most important output from marketing mix modelling – they define the relationship between the level of investment in different marketing activities and the lift in response that can be expected. Crucially this includes quantifying the incremental impact of the next £/$/€ of investment at different levels of spend.

By using them, businesses can forecast, simulate different scenarios and optimise budgeting decisions - helping gain a deeper understanding of where when and how to spend the marketing budget, as well as how to set it.

Join our industry experts, Ted Lorenzen, David Lenz and Roz Bowman, to learn more about how to use response curves to better understand the cause and effect relationship between your marketing activities and business performance. Topics will include:

  • The danger of average ROI and why you need curves
  • Some maths
    • What are the different types of response curves
    • C-shaped vs. S-shaped curves – why you might get each
  • Why curves are complicated
  • Stories from the real world – some ways things can go wrong
  • Q&A session

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