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Webinar: Portfolio reallocation for the post-Corona re-planning

ScanmarQED - published on April 14, 2020

We were excited to host a webinar on portfolio reallocation for the post-Corona re-planning.

Webinar Portfolio Reallocation

Everything is different. The Corona Crisis has wrecked the plans that all brands had for 2020 and 2021.

There are lots of unknowns and assumptions that need to be tested to conduct successful portfolio optimization. Categories, countries, and media consumption have all been impacted differently. To adapt, companies need to re-evaluate the size and allocation of their budgets.

Portfolio optimization is a complex process even during the best of times, but with added challenges of the current situation, a robust and flexible framework is even more important.

To help with that we decided to host a webinar on portfolio reallocation for the post-Corona re-planning. We also provided an extended free trial of our portfolioQED tool, together with access to a dedicated eLearning course that would show you everything you need to know to optimize your portfolio.

The webinar took place on the 17th of April at 12 pm GMT for companies based in Europe and on the 20th of April at 4 pm GMT for companies based in America.

In case you missed our webinar, you can click on the button below to watch the session on demand:

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